Had a nice day Sunday. Woke up, enjoyed a nice fresh pear+blackberry parfait, a nice round of pilates (Total Body Banging Workout vid+pilates pick me up) with Cassey, had a nice healthy low sodium turkey spinach and tomato and low fat colby jack cheese sandwich for lunch with green tea, then a trip to the mall with my bestie. Ended up with more tea from Teavana (Amandine Rose- a nice black tea with notes of roasted pistachios and almonds, rose petals, cinnamon, and saffron). Went to my aunt’s for my uncle’s birthday dinner, and totally enjoyed a simple salad (that I brought) and a turkey meatball sandwich with provolone, which was delicious, and even had some potato skins too. And definitely enjoyed a funfetti cupcake for dessert. Yum! Proud of myself that I didn’t over eat, which I tend to do at family functions- because everything always tastes so good. But I enjoyed everything I ate, even if the kaiser rolls weren’t whole wheat, they were still soft and yummy.

Ended a pretty good Sunday with not one, but two nice cups of Toasted Nut Brulee oolong from Teavana (pictures above). Delightful.

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